Thursday, 7 January 2016

My Glam Squad

My Glam Squad

Hey Girls, I've decided to write this blog post sharing with you my "Glam Squad" and why they are so amazing at what they do.

All of us girls like to get dolled up for that special occasion making sure our hair, makeup, nails and outfits are perfect for the event. Below I am going to share with you the people who doll me up for a night out. So let me start introducing..

1. Hair - D&G Hair Studio

We all know that there is nothing worse than a dodgy hair cut or that hairdresser that cuts off far too much!! Especially after expressing the love for the length of your hair and how upsetting it is to part with even an inch! So it can be hard to trust someone when it comes to our hair.

I've been getting my hair done at D&G Hair Studio for a few years now. The girls are absolutely brilliant at what they do, I honestly love my hair every time I get it done. They are so friendly and the salon is amazing! The atmosphere is always great and the time flies with tea, chocolates and chats.

Below is the link to their Facebook page..

2. Makeup - Danielle Chin MUA

Makeup Time.. Well I can safely say that Danielle is my life saver!! The girl is so talented at what she does and is an absolute dote. I've been in to Danielle on many occasions, my 21st being one of them (picture above). She listens to what you want and is great for suggestions. I'm so comfortable with Danielle doing my makeup at this stage I just sit in the chair and let her work her magic!!

If your in the Wexford area and are looking for a Make Up Artist, I'd definitely recommend Danielle.

Below is the link to her Facebook Page..

3.Nails - The Devil Wears Priestly

Oh well where to start!! Clare is a God send. She is such a perfectionist and gives your nails so much time and attention. Again like the others I've been to Clare on many occasions. The woman is so talented at what she dose and gets it perfect every time no matter what shape, size or colour. She never fails to amaze me. 

Below is the link to her Facebook Page..

4. Oufits - Runaway Bride

Last but by no means least.. Runaway Bride. If your looking for that perfect outfit for that special occasion Sarah is the girl to go to!! She has stunning occasion wear. Every time I pop into Sarah I want everything.. literally everything! Here's some of my favorites..

Not only does she sell occasion wear but bridal wear too!! The wedding dresses are gorgeous! So if any of my readers are in the process of planning their wedding head over and have a look..

Below is the link to the Facebook Page..

So there you have it girls!! My "Glam Squad! I cannot recommend these ladies enough & don't know what I would do without them.

Untill next time,

Chloe x

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