Thursday, 17 December 2015

What's In My Inglot Bag?

My Inglot Picks

Hey Girls!! So last week I finally got a day off work and of course with Christmas just around the corner I decided to spend the day shopping.  Every year we head up to Drumdrum a few weeks before Christmas to get all of our Christmas shopping done. So off we went.

A lot of people say Dundrum can be a hit or miss but I found it so good this year!! I got all of my presents sorted and even got a bit of time to pick up a few bits for myself. One thing I really needed was new makeup as everything in my makeup bag always seems to waste at the one time!! Does this happen anyone else? Anyway here is what I picked up... 

1. Foundation 

I've been dying to try this foundation for a while now!! I usually wear Mac going out but decided to give Inglot a go to see what I think. This foundation is meant to give amazing coverage covering all blemishes and discoloration. The girl serving me also said that the coverage is very buildable so you could wear it during the day and night. 

As soon as I try it out ill let you know what I think. I got a dark shade to wear out its shade 82.

2. Face and Body illuminator   

For anyone that knows me I love a dewy makeup look, so highlight and illumination products are a huge favourite of mine. This little gem can be worn alone or mixed with your foundation to add a natural glow to your skin. It can also be applied to your body. I cannot wait to give this one a go. 

I wear a face illuminator everyday under my foundation, I just love the fresh dewy look it gives your skin. I find them more natural than a cream based highlight for everyday makeup. 

I got the 65 in the illuminator.

3. Pressed Powder and Case

I was delighted to see that Inglot's pressed powders are freedom now. This means the case can be reused, so to refill it you only need to buy the powder pan as seen on the left in my picture above. It works out much cheaper. I got this to contour my face and define my cheekbones. 

I got this in the shade 45.

4. Brow Liner Gel & Eye Shadow Pan

I also picked up their new brow liner in a gel form (15) and 395 in the eye shadow pan. The girl that was serving me had a gorgeous highlight on so of course I just had to ask what it was. She was actually after using this eye shadow shade!! It had a lovely shine and shimmer I just had to get it!! For any of you getting the new inglot palette for Christmas this is one of the shades included in it.

5. Lipstick and Lip Liner

You probably all know well from me posting lipstick colours to my Facebook page, that I am a nude lipstick lover!! Majority of my lippys are nude shades. So I couldn't leave without getting another nude lipstick to add to my collection!! I decided to pick up a nice lip liner to match.

The lipstick is shade 403 and the lip liner is 63.

So that's my new face!! I cant wait to try them out over Christmas and let you know what I think. From what I've heard and read I know im going to love them all.

Link to Inglot online: Click Here

So that's the content of my Inglot bag. Hope you enjoyed and if you are looking to buy any of the above head over to their website. (Link Above)

It's a "Clo Thing" Facebook Page: Click Here

Until Next Time,
Chloe xx

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