Thursday, 27 August 2015

Festival Style

Braids, Prints, Henna Tattoo's, Accessories, Footwear & Outfits 

As the festival season is in full swing and electric picnic is on it's way!! I decided to do up this post to help you girls get some ideas as to what to wear, and how to accessories.  

For any of you that are lucky enough to have tickets for electric picnic this year, first of all I am so jealous!! Secondly I hope this posts helps you with your outfit ideas.  

I am obsessed with the festival style!! & each year it just gets better and better. So here is a few trendy bits I would pick up/do if I was attending this year. 

1.  Hair Styles

Braids, Plaits, Waves, Curls & Top Knots whatever suits you best go for it, because all of these hair styles would be perfect for the festival season! Messy hairstyles rather than anything set looking.

2. Hats and Head Pieces

Grab a few headpieces to bring along! Flowery head pieces, Snapbacks, Fedora Hats and Head Jewellery seem to be bang on trend, so whatever suits your style or matches your outfit the most go for it, these can really make the difference to your festival look!

3. Henna & Stick on Tats

Could you get any more festively? I think this is a great little idea!! Go on, get some henna done with your friends for the weekend occasion or buy yourselves some stick on tats from Pennys, New Look or Sam McCauleys.  

4. Over Accessorise!! The More The Better.. 

Put on as much feathers, rings, bracelets & watches as you like! Layering jewellery for a festival is perfectly fine! So root through that old jewellery box and find yourself some pieces to match your look. 

5. Bags

You don't want a massive bag that you cant bring around with you or have to mind for the whole thing. Bring a small backpack, side bag or bum bag that you can keep on you at all times with your few bits in it. 

6. Footwear - Boots, Sandals, Runners or Wellies

Wear something comfortable on your feet, something you don't mind getting destroyed and something you wont mind throwing out afterwards!! Dont spend a fortune on footwear, go find some old sandals or boots and decorate them yourself! Wellies can be ugly but above the picture shows what a bit of DIY can do to make them look perfect for the occasion. 

7. Outfit Ideas

Wear whatever you want girls!! Everyone's style is going to be different, Above I just have some style inspiration to help you decide. 

Oversized Dresses & T-Shirts, Crop Tops, Shorts, Long Skirts, Dungarees, Kimonos, Lace, Tassels, Gladiator, Layering etc. Dont forget your sunnies ladies, grab yourself a pair of sunglasses and your set to go!! 

I will be posting pictures of Festival Outfits to It's a "Clo Thing" over the next week, as were coming up to the event. Keep an eye out for some inspiration. 

Also a Quick Tip Before I Go..

If the forecast is giving rain!! Buy yourself a see-through poncho coat/jacket! You know the ones you see at the concerts. That way your outfit will still be seen while your staying dry ;)

Hope this helps girls!! Enjoy Electric Picnic you lot, I'm so jealous!!

Chloe x

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