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I'll start Monday!! Is anyone else familiar with this saying, and then that Monday never seems to happen? It can be difficult finding the motivation to get started when it comes to fitness and joining a gym, So ill give you a few tips that seem to work for me. 

1. Find a gym buddy!! 

Going to the gym with a friend can help motivate you. Once you both get a routine going it will become a ritual, you can catch up on all the gossip while warming up together instead of over that coffee and treat ;). Days your not really feeling up for it, or you're just too lazy to get up and go, that text from you friend saying "hey coming gym this evening?" Or "up for a gym session" makes you feel a little bit bad and sometimes actually changes your mind! 
So find yourself that gym buddy and get your asses to the gym!!

2. Treat yourself to some nice gym gear!!

Buying a few new bits for the gym can help motivate you to start also!! I know it works for me anyway, but hey any excuse to shop eh?! Grab yourself a comfortable pair of runners and a few nice gym bits from Pennys, the gym section they have is amazing and very affordable too! Id also recommend trying on your gear before you buy them just to make sure you feel comfortable in them, nothing worse than going to the gym and not feeling 100% in what your wearing. 

3.Set yourself a goal

Everyone's goals and targets are going to be different, but no matter how big or small your goal may be make sure you set one. Find a picture online of what you want to work towards, write down what you want to achieve, and make it happen!! Bring this in with you to your instructor and tell him/her what you want, they will help you achieve it and set you a program to suit your strength and ability. You will get there!!

4. Find yourself a gym you feel comfortable in

This is extremely important!! Find a gym you feel comfortable in, that way you wont find yourself thinking of reasons not to go. I have joined a few gyms in the past and in some of them I just didn't feel comfortable doing my work out. It was nothing to do with the gym itself, staff, or the equipment, I just prefer a gym that is a bit quieter and has more space. So try out a few in your area and see what you make of them before you pay your membership, some offer a free trail which is great!

This way you will be able to give 110% each time and get a good work out done!

So there is a few little tips that helped me get up and going!! I always dreaded the thoughts of joining a gym or going in, but its only natural as everyone does! The main thing to remember is that everyone is a different shape and size, they are there to achieve their own goals, and keep fit & healthy. 

A Bit About My Fitness

As you probably already know from my Facebook page, I am finally finished my college degree. So since I moved back home I can finally get started in a gym for longer than 3 months.  

I am now a member of the Nolan Health and Fitness gym in Enniscorthy. I started here the start of this summer and it is by far the best gym I have ever joined, the gym is amazing!! They run bye bye belly programs, outdoor bootcamps, spin classes, personal training sessions, and much more!!

The equipment is top quality and they have such a variety. The staff are so friendly, they really care for their members and are extremely helpful. The atmosphere in the gym is always great which I love. For any of my local readers I would honestly recommend this gym!! I have the link above so head over to their Facebook and have a look for yourself. (Nolan Health and Fitness

Its so important to keep hydrated!!

Since joining the gym I can already notice the difference. I am in it almost a month and a half now and I just love it.  I had my two week trip to New York a few weeks ago so I'm only getting back into it now. Before I jetted off  I had a really good routine going, I was in the gym 4-5 times a week, my personal program was going great and it was keeping me in shape. I could notice myself toning fast and was getting the results I wanted. 

I cant wait to get this routine going again after my trip and keeping it up!! I try my best to get into the gym at least three times a week. 

As for my diet!! To be honest I'm not on any sort of strict diet plan, I eat little and often and eat what I want or fancy at that time. Like everyone I love my chocolate, sweets and take aways!! But saying that I'm not a bad eater, I do have everything in moderation. Sometimes it depends if a night out was had, as my "hangover cure" could go on for days!! haha. 

My goal in the gym is to keep fit and healthy!! Once im getting my few sessions in a week im happy. I dont want lose any weight! I just want to tone, work my stomach and get myself a nice bum!! As I said above everyone has different things they want to achieve so why not get started! 

I hope this helped some of you get motivated!! If you have any questions or want to ask me anything feel free to mail my blog. I will be posting more to It's a "Clo Thing" about fitness, keeping you all updated, Let me know what you would like to see!! 

Chloe xx

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