Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Spring/Summer Fashion Trends

Crop, Short, Pastel, Oversized, High Wasted, Suede & Sandals

So the Spring/Summer season is among us!! Who else loves this time of the year? The trends are in and the style is just fab!! I've decided to do a little blog post to help you fashion lovers pick up a few must haves for this time of the year, So lets get to it...


Lets start with the fabulous trousers that are going to be everywhere this spring/summer! The gorgeous Culottes! These trousers can be styled in so many different ways, worn casual or dressy. I bought myself a black pair in New Look recently for my trip in June. 

Next item is something similar, its the stunning Palazzo Pants!! This is a trend to watch ladies coming in all different colours and prints. The high wasted style has me sold, I cant wait to get my hands on a pair! 

The next trousers option you could add to your list is a pair of cigarette or tailored trousers. The light material is perfect for this time of the year, and matching with a nice crop top or white crisp shirt really brings the look together, (as seen below)


Of course when it comes to bottoms we cant forgot Jeans!! Every girl should have a pair in their wardrobe. For this spring/summer grab yourself a fab pair with the slits. You could even do abit of DIY and cut up an old pair. It actually works, there is tutorials on youtube to show you exactly what to do! Have that scissors at the ready..  

You could also opt for different colours aswell as the denim. The white and black can be styled in so many ways and are very reliable for casual wear, a night out, or even a dinner date!



Item number five, Denim Shorts!! Every girl needs a nice pair of shorts for them summer months, I personally prefer the high wasted instead of the ones that just sit on the hip. 


When the weather is warm we want to wear something comfortable, not too clingy, yet still fashionable, Well the next item is a Slogan t-shirt!! Pick up a few t-shirts with your favorite quote/image, you could even go oversized with these and still look stylish. 

A white crop top is another essential item to add to that wardrobe girls!! Below I have pictures of dressy/classy options and then casual option for everyday wear.

This next item may be a hit or miss with some of you, as it is a material you will either love or hate!! I personally love it, so decided I would add it in. The material is Suede!! This material is mostly seen on jackets/tops and I absolutely love it.. if your a fan go for it!! (Below I posted pictures of both a spring & summer look for some inspiration). 

And of course when it comes to a trendy top we cant forget the plain White Shirt! Perfect over any of the bottoms above, & nice and comfortable!


When it comes to jackets in spring/summer a trendy must have is a Sleeveless Blazer!! This jacket is stunning and gives that classy look to your outfit. For the colder evenings in spring a long sleeve short polo neck would be fab!! 

And of course an Oversized Jumper to throw on over your outfit for them chilly evenings!


 The next must have is these Slider Sandals!! Yes there back!! Its true when they say fashion goes in circles eh.. who else remembers these from when they were younger? Well they are back in fashion now and I think they are fab. Im definitely buying a pair for my trip in June.

You can buy these in most fashion stores/online sites. Pennys, New Look & Missguided stock a cute selection for a very reasonable price!!

For going out I would still opt for the stunning Court Heels!! They do no wrong and look so elegant.


Make sure to pick up a Hat for this spring/summer ladies!! It can make the simplest outfit look so stylish!! 

And there you go, some gorgeous items that will ensure you your spring/summer wardrobe is on trend! 
Of course oversized bags and light scarfs are essentails, but they go without saying eh :)

I hope you found this helpful and have lots of ideas and items you want to purchase after having a read. Remember to be confident, and wear what you feel most comfortable in!!

Happy Shopping,
Chloe x

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