Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Autumn/Winter Wardrobe.

Fur, Leather, Coats, Boots, Dark Lippy Handbags & Runners

Some autumn/winter must haves for us ladies.. Where is the time going!! Its time to wrap up and keep warm! Some people find it hard to dress for this time of the year, especially while trying to keep it trendy!! So I decided to try help you fashion lovers pick out that perfect autumn/winter wardrobe! As its my favorite! Lets get going..

Get yourself a pair of Black Highwaisted Jeans! A pair of these will go with so much in that winter wardrobe, plain black or you could opt for the slits!

Next item to add to your list is a Crisp White Shirt! You can do no wrong!! They make a simple outfit look so classy and bang on trend. Id even go oversized with this one as it doesnt need to have that tight fitted look.

Ok this one is popular when it comes to this time of the year ladies! A Black Leather Jacket! If you dont have one of these in that wardrobe of yours already, get that ass into gear! It will last you a lifetime and is such a great investment!

Number four!! The Fur Collars (Fuax fur of course). When it comes to fur you either love it or hate it! I LOVE it :D If you do also, these little collars are perfect to pop over any little jacket you have, to give it that cozy look.

Next!!!.... Sticking to the Fur.. Fur Gilets & Jackets! Some girls can go OTT when it comes to fur jakets, but there is a few I really like (Black one below). The fur gilets are huge on trend this year and are seen everywhere! Designer and High street stores!

Next item is going to be a hit or miss with some of you, as everyone's taste is different. Hats.. I know these aren't for everyone but worn well it can pull a whole look together. If the bigger ones are a bit to much for you try out the bowler hat or the smaller versions! 

Footwear!! Over The Knee Boots are everywhere this autumn/winter, worn right they can look amazing!! Im dying for a pair of these booties, I would only see myself wearing the black ones.. but maybe with time as they grow on me I could go crazy!! haha. I was delighted when I seen Pennys had them in stock!! I will be popping in to get a pair before Christmas.

Runners! Yes.. My weakness! I have an obsession with shoes and definitely think my autumn/winter wardrobe wouldn't be complete without them! There great for when your running into town to quickly pick up few bits and bobs, something comfortable yet stylish! Also of course for working out/the gym, these are perfect. 

Lippy..! Darken the shades of your lipstick to warm strong colours.. Get a nice matching lip liner and apply this darker around the edges, filling the rest of your lip with a similar lipstick shade lightly.

Last but not least, Im going to wrap it up here because I could go on forever! A Big Handbag .. No outfit.. None, is complete without a bag of course.. You can find so many similar bags to the real thing in many of the high street stores, I find ebay extremely good for them also!

And there you have it.. A trendy autumn/winter wardrobe :) Of course don't forget the big coats and warm scarfs, but they are kind of stating the obvious eh!! They seem to be the first thing we purchase when we feel a change in the weather.! 

I hope you enjoyed, and got a shopping list going on after having a look! Even if it was just one thing! Remember to wear what you want to wear.. if it looks good, and your happy.. why not eh!

See you guys next time!!
Chloe x

Photo credits. Tumblr, Pintrest & We Heart It

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