Saturday, 12 October 2013

The Late Late Show

As most of you probably know from my facebook blog, last Friday night I got the chance to go to the Late Late Show. I know, random eh?... During the summer my mam and brother came across the online application for the opportunity to be an audience member for the show. They decided to fill it out as the deadline was at 12 that night. I was completely clueless to this, and they didnt really think any more of it afterwards either. We wouldnt usually be the luckiest when it comes to things like this to be honest! 

About 2 weeks ago they received an email to say we had got 4 tickets for the show on the 4th of October! They then rang me and told me all about it, I was delighted, It was something to look forward to, and it was on the same day as my mams birthday too! Unfortunately my younger sister and brother couldnt come along as it was an over 18 show. 

Now Fashion Time..

I was sick all last week coming up to the event (Typical), so my outfit was a complete last minute decision. I wasnt too sure what to wear to the show.! I had a few outfits in mind that I wanted to try out.. but this is what I went with in the end.....

...Of course I resorted to my favourite and reliable...Disco Pants!! These were definitely worth the purchase and are a statement in my wardrobe hehe! But I styled them completely different this time. I wanted to look dressy/casual so I decided to put this turquoise blouse with the disco pants to dress the outfit up, I tucked the shirt in at the front to show the high waste on the pants, I then matched my shoes with the outfit also, as the shirt had golden buttons on the front and the black to match the pants. I am in love with these shoes, They are so comfortable and look so glam. 

What I Wore: 
Shirt: Forever 21 
Disco Pants: Pennys €17
Heels: Pennys Limited Addition €21
Watch: Rocawear/Jay Z Brand
Ring: Gift
Earrings: Pennys €1:50

I received messages from a few of you wondering what makeup I used on this night. I also get asked what makeup do I wear in general, going out/ my everyday makeup. So if you guys would like a blogpost on this just let me know by commenting under this blog post or to my Facebook blog :)

A Few Snaps Of The Night..

Thanks so much for reading guys,
Hope you enjoyed,
Chloe x

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